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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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The GIVE Project

Partners’ News

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Making music should be a basic human right

This spring, at the seminar of the G.I.V.E – project in Finland, musicians Juho Lähteenmäki and Marlo Paumo delighted the audience with their musical skills. “Being visually impaired, I can’t read sheet music. I play correctly and precisely because I

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Kicking off the Pilot

The MCAST GIVE Team as the Work Package leader for the development of the innovative GIVE training courses, recently spearheaded the inaugural pilot of MCAST’s training courses.  The innovative GIVE training courses, meticulously developed by our consortium, aim to address

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Over the past 4 years, Centro San Viator has been participating as promoter in the SAAM project, which is concluding its 4 years of work. Throughout these years, we have been able to conduct a thorough analysis of the training

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Beyond barriers: a job opportunity for everyone

Awareness and mediation activities, but also workshops, seminars, and co-planning. By encouraging and promoting job placement paths for people with Down syndrome, Fondazione Gi Group is committed to supporting the dialogue between companies and AIPD – Italian Association for People

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Cometa migrants

Cometa | Special programs for migrants

La Cometa  since 2009 has been developing special programs for migrants aiming at providing them with an effective training, a social support and a guided transition to job market. The collaboration with local institutions, social cooperatives dealing with migrants and

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Brindging innovation and learning in VET

The UNEVOC annual event was organized and hosted by Omnia and also MCAST and Cometa took part as relevant practitioners. In particular, a migration-focused presentation by the Omnia Skills Centre for Migrants (OSKE) emphasized the need for stakeholder cooperation and

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Pedagogical and management approaches modelization

Nowadays, innovative and inclusive approaches are being used with increased frequency in relation to learning achievements (knowledge, skills, attitudes and values) that are needed for today’s learners to thrive and shape the world, create and contribute to a better future

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Special Edition: Gi Group

From December 1st to 3rd , we, as Gi Group, also participated in the Como’s meeting , who remotely, because of covid, who in presence. We were able to finally meet all the partners of the Give project! It was

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Special Edition: EfVET

One year ago, when we were in the peak of the pandemic, were told than within a short time we managed to have our meeting in Como, we would have hardly believed it. On December 1 -3 December was held

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Special Edition: MCAST

The first GIVE Transnational Project Meeting in Como, Italy was attended by the Deputy Director of Curriculum – Key skills and Learning Support Unit, Duncan Vella, and the Erasmus+ Programmes Coordinator Jodie Bonnici as representatives of the Malta College of

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Special Edition: Omnia

Omnia joined the GIVE network meeting with three representatives: Ms. Kati Valtonen, the Omnia’s manager of the project, Ms. Sirkka Wiman, who is responsible for Omnia’s OSKE, the Support Centre for Immigrants and Youth Workshops activities representing Omnia at the

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Special Edition: The Malta Chamber

Earlier this month, Ms Julia Aquilina, Policy Development Executive, and Mr Mel Aquilina, Marketing and Communications Executive, visited Como, Italy as part of The Malta Chamber’s partnership in the GIVE Project highlighting several efforts which the Chamber has undertaken in

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Special Edition: Cometa

The Cometa team was leader of various sessions, especially of the working session regarding “WP3 –TRAINING PRACTICES & TOOLS FOR INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE”. The session started with a short presentation of the practices to share and fix a table of contents. Over

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