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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

22-24 April | BILT Bridging Event Europe 2024 Towards inclusive excellence in TVET Hosted by La Cometa

BILT Bridging Event Europe 2024
Towards inclusive excellence in TVET 

Hosted by La Cometa

Organized by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for TVET  and the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) 

22-24 April 2024 | Como, Italy

BILT Bridging Events are organized consecutively in each of the focus regions of BILT and hosted by a UNEVOC Centre that is an active networking node for TVET stakeholders in the region and beyond. The 2024-25 cycle of Bridging Events kicks off with the conference in Europe, hosted by La Cometa Società Cooperativa Sociale.

The BILT Bridging Event: Towards inclusive excellence in TVET provides a platform for international policy learning, knowledge exchange, innovation transfer and networking among TVET policy makers, practitioners and researchers. The event takes lessons from Europe as a starting point for interregional discussion and collaboration on future-oriented TVET systems and TVET delivery.


The BILT Bridging Event aims to:

Promote policy learning between TVET stakeholders in Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific and focus on

  • Discussing policy approaches to inclusive excellence;
  • Re-orienting current TVET policy towards inclusion and excellence and promoting TVET as an attractive career path.

Support peer learning among BILT community members on concrete innovative approaches to

  • Foster international collaboration between TVET institutions striving for inclusive excellence in TVET delivery and TVET research;
  • Implement inclusive TVET, integrating migrants and disadvantaged youth, and targeting NEETs (persons not in employment, education or training).

Invite the TVET community in Europe and beyond to collaborate with BILT

  • In the context of the sectoral BILT Expert Groups on new qualifications and competencies in building and construction (new in 2024–2025) and in hospitality and tourism (continued from 2023);
  • As contributors of transferable Innovation and Learning Practices (ILPs), or partners for future BILT events.



In-person participants and speakers (by invitation):

  • TVET decision makers and TVET research agencies advising policymakers;
  • TVET experts from UNEVOC Centres and from international organizations;
  • Selected members of the BILT Expert Groups;
  • Subject matter experts o on the focus sectors or the focus themes; and
  • Private sector representatives, associations, and unions.

Online participants:

  • TVET experts and stakeholders from ministries, national bodies, TVET providers and research institutes;
  • Private sector representatives; and
  • TVET teachers and trainers.

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