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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Special Edition: EfVET

One year ago, when we were in the peak of the pandemic, were told than within a short time we managed to have our meeting in Como, we would have hardly believed it.

On December 1 -3 December was held with project partners from all six partners in Como, Italy Only one partner who couldn’t managed to enjoy the meeting in Como. The agenda was quite tight, but in addition to hard work, there was also time to discover Cometa and Italian cuisine. The representative met and got connected, presented their organisation, discussed about project management issues such as administrative procedures, dissemination & communication, training practices and tools for inclusive pedagogies, quality Assurance and etc.

A VET centre aiming at an Inclusive Excellence approach requires a new governance model, in terms of roles a coordinated of work packages. The partners experience shows the importance of opening the importance of opening the center to the regional/local and international environment. On this aspect of inclusion, have been started recently. All partners participate in small workshops and the discussions.

The WP7 “Communication and Dissemination was presented by EfVET (Stefania Rossi and Valentina Chanina). The project website was also discussing, and social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) and it was agreed that all partners will spread the world about GIVE project through to their own professional stakeholders, VET providers, VET managers and others. After, each partner provided a short update on their dissemination activities. Golden surprise winner was announced, and presentation of gift ensued to Cometa team All partners to update their dissemination records on Dropbox.

Meeting Concluded by Cometa and at the end of this experience, we have got very valuable feedback from the partners.

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