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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Special Edition: Omnia

Omnia joined the GIVE network meeting with three representatives: Ms. Kati Valtonen, the Omnia’s manager of the project, Ms. Sirkka Wiman, who is responsible for Omnia’s OSKE, the Support Centre for Immigrants and Youth Workshops activities representing Omnia at the Board of GIVE, in WP2 and is now having the main role in coordinating the work of WP3 in Omnia and Ms. Sari Rehèll, responsible for leading the Quality Unit and the Risk Management of the project.

Omnia in general and Omnia’s work in WP2 and the work in collecting the best practices for WP3 was presented by Sirkka Wiman at the beginning of the meeting. She has the deep in knowledge of inclusive work within Omnia. Sari Rehell held a session on Quality Assurance and Risk Management underlying the chosen the strategy of linking the Quality Assessment process to the establishment of the Risk Indicators and the regularly done Risk Analyses by all partners. During the presentation the risks that had come up during the first year were dealt with the future activities of the Quality Assessment and different roles and responsibilities discussed. The purpose of the presentation was to achieve a common awareness and understanding of the Quality Process as well as the Tools to be used in the quality measurement.

The whole Omnia Team participated actively in the discussions. The programme with all the group work, visits and also the activities arranged outside the meeting room were all very interesting and inspirational. We feel that the project took a huge step forward by meeting everyone face to face and by the active participation of the project partners!

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